Daniel Doman

235 East 95th Street, Apt 23C • New York, NY 10128

917-902-9684 • daniel.doman@gmail.com


Hands on architect with C-Suite communications experience combining a passion for problem solving in crisis conditions. My pragmatic approach is particularly effective in deploying real-time improvements in large, complex production environments. Experienced implementing “building the airplane in flight” and just-in-time engineering. In doing so, I have delivered a potent blend of successful leadership and strong hands-on technical skills.

I have more than 20 years experience in CIO and COO roles, as both a consultant and as a member of executive teams at start-ups and large organizations including IBM, Time Inc. Qello, BeyondtheRack, Accoona, Liberty Travel, iStockPhoto, MediaPort, DoubleClick, AIG and Information Builders.



Recent Accomplishments


Provide overall clarity and direction across all IBM cloud portfolio. Subject matter expert on public cloud technology. Focus on Cloud transformation in financial services sector, security, and compliance and secure cloud architecture. Currently building large transformation offerings for financial sector.


Time Inc.

Developed cloud data security standards. Established unified authority for database management.



Developed a high volume video-streaming and management platform for mobile, IPTV and Web. Developed mobile applications now featured on a wide variety of media platforms from mobile to IPTV. Platform is also in white label use by several media companies.




Brought in as COO/CIO to resolve out-of-control expenses and stalled product development issues plaguing a five-division B2B services company with $110M capitalization.

Liberty Travel

Catalyzed business transformation at a global travel leader by re-energizing a next-generation business platform project that had suffered from significant delays and over-budget problems.


Developed, from the ground up, a world-class Internet advertising platform using advanced techniques to create behavioral targeting, psychographics, velocity tracking, yield targeting and analytical products that remain the standard of excellence today. Google acquired the DoubleClick platform in 2007.

Liberty Travel

Brought in to correct stalled transformation. Put new architecture back on plan and ported core UNISYS applications to scalable grid.

Information Builders

Built multi platform database and first OS/2 commercial app. Developed cross platform compilers, assemblers, p-code parsers and code generators. Developed cutting edge cross platform compilers, assemblers, p-code parsers and code generators, overlay loaders, and meta-code translation tools. IBM 360 Assembler emulation functions on other platforms. Sub 2K stateless assembler graphics exposed by API, or function call. Compilers, cross memory model stub loaders, link and overlay loaders and debuggers. Extensions for customer binary functions.